Taking good care of jewelry is a must for the owner, whether it’s a type of jewelry, how to make custom bracelets accessories, or diamond jewelry. You certainly know that jewelry is a valuable item that not only keeps a memory but can also have a high selling value, depending on the type of jewelry. If you want to keep your jewelry looking new and shiny, you need to do the following things. First, always clean the dirt or dust that sticks to the jewelry. In this case, you might think that treating all jewelry with alcohol or chemicals can be effective in removing all the dirt that has stuck to it. But the fact is that the content of alcohol or other chemicals that are not right can damage jewelry.

Therefore, to be on the safe side, you can use simple methods such as using warm water, soap, and a toothbrush with soft bristles. This method is considered sufficient to remove all the dirt stuck to the jewelry and of course it is the safest way. Next the second is to remove the jewelry when you are going to sleep. Sleeping with jewelry that is still attached to the body, is not good and you should also avoid this habit. Using jewelry while sleeping is considered to be very dangerous both for yourself and for the jewelry. For example, when you wear a necklace while you sleep, this will break or bend the necklace so you will lose the diamond in the necklace. Another example, wearing earrings while sleeping, which can harm your ears.

Then the third, you have to store jewelry or accessories separately. This is done to anticipate scratches that usually occur when you put it directly in one place without distinguishing it and when you pick it up quickly, as a result, scratches between one piece of jewelry will occur.